Czech This Out! Our Czechoslovakian button collection. Posted on 12 Sep 17:55 , 48 comments

I have been wanting to share the story behind these little beauties since we started our Czech Glass Collection almost two years ago! In our quest to keep our jewelry line fresh, while still maintaining our classic and timeless feel, we came across these stunning buttons from Czechoslovakia. They are still made the same way they were dating back to the 1880's!  

This method entails heating hot glass rods and molding them one at a time in individual tongs, which have designs molded into them.


We decided to create pieces with these magnificent buttons many of them vintage, some new, because of their uniqueness and exquisite colors and various finishes. For those of you who like a little 'bling' these are a perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

"All Things Bright and Beautiful" comes to mind when you cast your eyes on our stunning Czechoslovakian Glass button jewelry. They have become some of our best selling pieces, and we are proud to say that we even have customers that have become collectors of these fine pieces!

Sadly, I have recently read that it's estimated that these buttons will no longer be made as of the year 2025. This craft, much like most from the past, and still a cottage industry, does not appeal to or interest the younger generations. So, we will continue to create these one-of-a-kind pieces in an effort to preserve the beauty of times gone by.