Our New SeaGems Collection Posted on 7 Aug 17:48 , 54 comments

During my early childhood in Ohio, most summers we would vacation at a campground by Lake Michigan.

When I tell people this they usually give me a look, and I can tell what their first thought is...Why would someone go to Michigan for a vacation?! Well, let me tell you it must be Americas best kept secret!

 It is beautiful! The colors in the water are all shades of blues and turquoise, something you wouldn’t expect from a lake. We could, at that time, run down the massive sand dunes into the Great Lake. Then hike back up them to do it again.We would take our buckets and search for pretty rocks, or sea glass. Sometimes, though rarely, we found a shell or two but I suspect that my dad planted them in the sand when we weren’t looking! 

When we first arrived we’d hike through the woods collecting firewood and stacking it for the week. Nights were spent by the campfire singing songs, roasting marshmallows and telling stories. My love and appreciation for nature, wildlife, our Great Waters, the outdoors came from our many trips there. Reflecting back on these days was my inspiration for the colors and design of my new Sea Gem collection.