Peace, Love, Happiness and...Flowers! Posted on 10 May 17:01 , 49 comments

So, I guess there is a little flower child in all of us, regardless of the year we were born! With Spring and Summer approaching, I can't help but reminisce about my childhood. So many of the things that we did as children involved being outdoors and although simple, they are the fond memories of childhood that stick with you forever. Learning to appreciate the outdoors and these things that we usually tend to take for granted are important to pass on to our own children and grandchildren.

 I will never forget running in the grass with bare feet. Dancing in the rain on a hot summer day. Picking dandelions from the yard and blowing on them, watching them float in the air and trying to catch one little wisp to make a wish! How neat and fun it was to make daisy chain necklaces and headbands with the little clovers scattered around your yard. I loved holding a buttercup up to our chins to see if it shined yellow onto our faces (that meant you liked butter). Wading in a stream. Picking flowers to surprise your mom with a bouquet of whatever flowers you could scrounge up from your yard, or sometimes one or two from your neighbors yard. I could go on forever.

Sharing these stories and ideas with my daughters, nieces and nephews as they were growing up has brought so much joy to my life and theirs. I remember like it was yesterday the first time I showed my daughters that you can blow on a dandelion. I loved the excitement in their faces and the concentration they had when holding a small dandelion wisp in their tiny hands and squeezing their eyes so tightly closed while making a wish.

I was reflecting on these great memories while creating the designs in our New ‘Bee The Change’ collection. These pieces were created to bring back some of this happiness, fun, innocence of days gone by, and perhaps reflect on simpler time in our lives. It’s also a reminder to do our part to protect the earth, just by planting some seeds to help to save our endangered bees! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

 Peace, Love, and Happiness to all!